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Case Management

This page is for use by Case Managers or Long Term Recovery Group Liaisons.

Click here for the Grant Application, Click here for the Budget form.

Please do not edit the forms from the link. 

  • Click on File, then Download  

  • Rename the from using the following naming convention:

YYYYMMDD-Last Name of survivor-Case Manager Initials-Organization Initials-Form Type


A case submitted on February 22, 2024, by Mountain Towns LTRG on behalf of Jane Doe by case manager John Smith would look like this: 


20240222-Doe-JS- MT-Allocation Request 



Please save all receipts & estimates using the same naming convention:

20240222-Doe-JS-MT-Receipt A.

20240222-Doe-JS-MT-Reciept B.

20240222-Doe-JS-MT-Estimate 1.

20240222-Doe-JS-MT-Estimate 2.


Notes: The grant application is a simple Word document and can be opened with Google Docs. Please embed all photos into the grant application, and save it as a Doc. Not a PDF. The budget sheet is a simple Excel sheet that can be opened with Google Sheets, please save it as an xlsx. Not a PDF – that way we can edit them as necessary.


Email the completed documents to:

Please note: estimates & receipts named in the grant application and attached to the case file should correspond to the excel budget.

If a contractor requires a deposit, please note the amount needed on the budget sheet. Additionally, note the date at which the contractor will be ready to begin work. 


To close cases, VDRF asks Case Managers to follow up with the homeowner and contractor to ensure work is complete. Please submit an email to the Allocations Director that work is complete – photos of the case are appreciated. The Allocations Director will then submit a check request to the Treasurer for final payment.


If you have any questions, please email VDRF Allocations Director Laurie Kozar at or call, 802-388-3355 Ext. 276

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