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Helping Vermonters Recover from Natural Disasters


Our Mission:
The mission of the Vermont Disaster Recovery Fund, a Vermont nonprofit corporation, is to be a source of last resort funding to help meet the unmet long term recovery needs of Vermont individuals and families impacted by disasters. VDRF shall raise, hold and allocate funds through an effective grant process recognized by State and local officials and partner agencies operating under the State Emergency Management Plan.

It is the intent of the Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery Group to utilize these funds after an individual or family has used personal insurance, FEMA assistance, local long term recovery funds and other grant programs. Personal assets and Small Business Administration eligibility will be reviewed in determining a person’s grant request.

About VDRF

Our Roots

The Vermont Disaster Recovery Fund (VDRF) was established and is managed by an independent, non-profit organization, the Vermont Long-Term Recovery Group (VTLRG).


This volunteer Board works closely with Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) and the Vermont chapter of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VTVOAD), which represents national organizations who support on-the-ground efforts and help people impacted by disasters.


  Meet the Board

The VDRF Origin Story

Our Current Focus

The disastrous flooding events of July 2023 have required a concerted effort on the part of federal, state and local organizations and non-profits to address the many needs of affected individuals and businesses. VDRF is actively engaged as a partner in this effort throughout Vermont.

We have implemented a case management system to help us provide funding to the survivors of the flooding here in Vermont. This is within our mission statement, as the "fund of last resort". Case Managers are associated with Long Term Recovery Groups (LTRGs) specific to regions of Vermont affected by flooding.  A map of the LTRG regions can be accessed here, and a list of LTRG contacts can be accessed here.

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